The Most Important Beauty Tip Ever

I believe that the most important beauty tip is consistency. Yes, it is essential to take care of yourself at the moment, but for your skin to look and stay beautiful over time, it’s crucial to use products that can help change your appearance over the long term. 

β€œYour skin has a memory.
In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, 
your skin will show the results of
how it was treated today.
So treat it kindly and with respect.”

I believe in long-term skin health. I also know, that our skin cells are constantly learning and gathering information for future generations. Science shows that how you treat your body, will be remembered by your cells and important information will be stored in your cells' DNA. It is only natural so that your body and skin can respond faster to environmental changes and adapt. It's all about self-preservation.

When I advise people to be gentle with their skin, it is not only about how they care for their skin every day. For example, don't use harsh products that make your skin red and uncomfortable. It is also about the treatments they chose to do to get the results faster. We are so impatient these days, we want results yesterday. With all the neglect and damage we have done in our earlier years, we simply want the effects of that gone immediately. Sadly, this is not how the skin works.

You can't lose weight overnight. You can't get fit overnight. You can't remove pigmentation overnight. You can't get rid of wrinkles, blackheads, open pores, or acne overnight. It's just biology. Your skin needs time to correct itself. It needs time to purge and rejuvenate.

When you chose to do high-intensity clinical skin treatments to accelerate the results, they often come with side effects and these need to be managed well, for long-term skin health. Your skin will show you when your skin cells are under stress. It will become red, inflamed, hot, swollen, angry looking, itchy, burning and stinging. And when it's suffering, it will break out, develop a rash or the skin cells will die off and peel off.

When you undergo high-intensity treatments that cause skin inflammation, you must manage this well. You need to get that inflammation down as soon as possible. The longer your skin stays red, sore and uncomfortable, the inflammation causes free radicals causing long-term damage and accelerating aging. You may see good results now, but long-term your skin will suffer. Because your cells will remember. Listen to your therapist when they recommend you use a specific product post-care. It's an investment in healthy skin. Be sure to use anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing skincare post-clinical treatments. For your long-term skin health.

The best results are achieved with patience, carefully managing your skin over time, and allowing your skin to recover. This means, don't do peels or microdermabrasion every week, do them every second week. Don't do laser skin rejuvenation again until your skin has completely recovered. Don't keep on having strong peels, or use skincare with AHAs and retinoids on and on and on. Once your skin has improved, move on to other actives, such as antioxidants, cell-communicating actives, vitamin C and peptides to continue treatment and maintain results.

The tools we use to deliver great results in our clinics are very exciting, but it's very important that pre and post-care is managed very well.

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